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ViMount PS5
ViMount is a Ukrainian brand

Wall Mount Holder for Playstation™ 4 Classic, PS4™ Slim, PS4™ Pro, PS5™
Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S / X, Xbox Series S and other...


High-quality 1.5mm steel

Improved cooling

Reliable fall protection design

ViMount quality


Smooth matte surface

Identical black or white color to match your console

ViMount style


Price - Quality

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Wall mount for your PlayStation and Xbox: simple and reliable

ViMount – wall mount for your PlayStation and Xbox. We have our own production based on a unique patented technology. On our website you can find mounts for the most popular consoles: PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox 360 (X360), Xbox One/S/X, etc.

The perfect wall mount for a game console – what is it?

ViMount wall mounts can be described in two words: safety and simplicity. Matt steel holder blends seamlessly with modern design. It is super easy to install. Your console fits our mount perfectly. It's all due to reliable design and accurate dimensions.

We manufacture high-quality products since 2014. ViMount guarantees that you get a patented wall mount made of strong steel. Each item is individually checked before shipping.

The well-thought-out design of ViMount products is aesthetic and functional. All wall mounts for PlayStation 5 and other consoles have improved cooling (all-around free air access).

What we as passionate gamers can offer other gamers?

ViMount manufactures and sells mounts for consoles and controllers. We also offer special holders for charging station PS5 DualSense.

You can order ViMount products from almost any country. Shipping always will be free.

We love our clients. Our sphere is games. It means we generate positive emotions. Since 2014, ViMount has been trying to work in the same direction and with the same energy as the developers of games and consoles. A quality product that will serve for years is only part of our goal. Constant communication, quick responses regarding the selection, delivery, installation of mounts, and hundreds of related topics is another part of our daily customer care. You can call, get in touch with us via the feedback form or DM us on Instagram and Facebook.

What should wholesale customers know?

For wholesalers and retailers ViMount offers special conditions. We negotiate individually with each partner.

Why wall mounts for your PlayStation and Xbox should be ViMount:

Here are 8 points that most accurately reflect the capabilities of our company

·     ViMount is a manufacturer. Our priorities are high quality and reasonable price.

·     Each product is manually checked before shipping.

·     Mounts have a unique patented design.

·     We use strong steel 1.5 mm.

·     ViMount mounts are reliable and designed for proper cooling of consoles.

·     Our holders are very easy to install.

·     ViMount range of products includes mounts for controllers and PS5 DualSense charging stations.

·     We have free worldwide shipping and customer service through the site and social networks. Don't like automatic answers? Neither do we! Please write us and get a response from a real employee.